April Newsletter

To our Armormax Friends and Family,

Welcome to our newsletter! Once a month we will keep you up to date with all things Armormax, and topics that relate to what we do.

We firstly want to welcome Michael Broom to our team. He joins us to handle our Sales and Marketing, and comes from MMI Armoured Cars who are one of our largest dealer partners. He will also handle some of the exciting new initiatives that we have in the pipeline, some of which are detailed below.

We are immensely excited to introduce our Approved Vehicle Sales program.Our discerning customers understand the intrinsic value of our product, and the fact that it is not a sunk cost, but an increase in net asset value of the vehicle which can be realised in part when the day comes in a few years that you decide to upgrade your vehicle. We are now stockists of Luxury Armoured SUV’s, Sedans and MPV’s, and have access to a wide range of already-armoured vehicles through our dealer partner network. All the vehicles we market for sale have been through our stringent quality check and refurbishment process and are thus sold with the same warranty of workmanship and aftersales service as a new armoured vehicle would be.

Trade-ins are welcome, and we are able to arrange financing and insurance specifically catered to an armoured vehicle. Of utmost importance to us is customer care. We understand that buying an armoured car can be daunting and full of uncertainties. We are here to walk you through every step and stay by your side during your ownership. 

If you are considering selling or trading in your current armoured vehicle, talk to us first. We understand better than anyone the real value of the vehicle and are confident we will offer the right value. Unfortunately many dealers are not aware of the true value of an Armormax car, and you may be left disappointed with their value offered.

If you are considering selling or trading in, please contact Michael Broom on michael@armormax.co.za or 084 325 2744

Armormax Defence, our other business, has some interesting projects on the go. We have just delivered a Toyota Land Cruiser that is on its way to Australia to serve a mining concern. The brief from the client was safe, but discreet. That’s two of our core values right there, so we were definitely able to meet the brief.

The other project that involves the Toyota Land Cruiser as its base vehicle is an exciting 6×6 vehicle. The vehicle is locally built and converted by a top-drawer engineering outfit before it is sent to us to receive a B6 armouring package. It is a highly modular vehicle that can be tailored to almost any use- be it for the military, agriculture or the mining industry. It has a go-anywhere capability like no other vehicle in the world, and is able to take a 4400 kg payload and 7000 kg GVM.

A few of these vehicles have been undergoing intensive testing in France for the last 3 years with the French military. Their goal was to see if they could break it, and we are happy to report that they have been unsuccessful. The 6×6 will be made available for local sale and for export.

Excitement is building as the release of the brand new Range Rover in South Africa is imminent. These have long been popular vehicles to armour with Armormax and make up the largest market share of Armormax vehicles in South Africa. Because we are the only Armouring company in South Africa to be approved by Jaguar/Land Rover South Africa, we can assure our customers that their warranties and maintenance plans are unaffected by the armouring, and we have the Aftersales support of the manufacturer across South Africa.

Armormax has now built 4 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 models in B6 specification. The result on each build has been fantastic, and we are sure the popularity of this vehicle will continue to rise. We are about to receive a shipment of 10 B6 glass kits and armour for the Land Cruiser 300. If you, or someone you know is interested in armouring a Land Cruiser 300, please contact Michael on michael@armormax.co.za

Armormax, together with Jaguar/Land Rover South Africa are currently developing the world’s first fully electric Luxury Armoured Vehicle. While we have unrivalled expertise in vehicle armouring, the prospect of working on a fully electric vehicle is a complicated one. When word of the project got out, we immediately received a second order for an armoured I-Pace, proving that the market for electric mobility in South Africa is growing rapidly, so why not armour it? Our technical team are receiving extensive training on the vehicle, and this in turn will prepare them for future electric vehicle builds for other manufacturers as much of the technology is based on shared platforms.