Armormax Approved Vehicle Sales

Our discerning customers understand the intrinsic value of our product, and the fact that it is not a sunk cost, but an increase in net asset value of the vehicle which can be realised in part when the day comes in a few years that you decide to upgrade your vehicle. We are stockists of Luxury Armoured SUV’s, Sedans and MPV’s, and have access to a wide range of already-armoured vehicles through our dealer partner network. All the vehicles we market for sale have been through our stringent quality check and refurbishment process and are thus sold with the same warranty of workmanship and aftersales service as a new armoured vehicle would be.

Trade-ins are welcome, and we are able to arrange financing and insurance specifically catered to an armoured vehicle. Of utmost importance to us is customer care. We understand that buying an armoured car can be daunting and full of uncertainties. We are here to walk you through every step and stay by your side during your ownership.