How do I determine what level of armouring I need?

Armour levels are determined by your perceived threat. Is your concern crime, like kidnapping or carjacking? Or terrorist attacks which often involve heavier weapons like assault rifles? Also, your driving environment will often determine needs. Do you drive mainly in cities? The countryside? Both? Each of these factors and more will guide your armour decision.

What parts of a vehicle get armoured?

We have analysed multiple attacks on ours and other vehicles, and have determined which areas are critical to armor under varying circumstances. It is vital that this is discussed at length with us to determine the most suitable solution for your particular security needs. With this in mind on a level B4 upgrade, our engineers armour critical areas of the passenger cabin.

We replace all the glass with ballistic glass, Integrate armour into the four doors, A.B and C pillars as well as the rear seats or boot divider, thus providing around 90% of the protection for a lot less than the cost of a manufacturer B4 level armoured vehicle. As a client you can choose to armour any additional areas you feel are necessary on your vehicle ( Eg the roof in a Sedan). When we armour a vehicle to a level B6 we create a complete cocoon, including floor, roof, firewalls, engine bay protection etc.

Can any vehicle be armoured?

The Armormax B4 level of armouring is exceptionally light when compared to traditional armouring solutions. Whilst we generally armour luxury 4×4’s and sedans, we are able to undertake certain vehicle specific armouring projects.

What do the levels of protection indicate?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding ballistic levels, as various agencies from differing countries have established their own standards, and often for differing ballistic material ( i.e. ballistic vests, ballistic glass, steel etc)

In order to simplify these standards and make the understanding thereof a little easier, we use the European EN 1063 Ballistic standard. We have simplified this further by grouping all calibre’s that pass a certain ballistic level together, e.g. BR4 Covers all handgun calibre’s up to and including .44 magnum, BR6 Covers all commonly encountered rifle calibre’s up to 7.62x51mm. We have analysed the attacks on our and other civilian armoured and non armoured vehicles, and have a good understanding of the potential threat levels and what armour level is needed to defeat these threats.

Can Armormax supply the vehicle to be armoured?

Yes, we have a great relationship with a number of vehicle manufacturers and dealers, and due to the volume of vehicle deals we facilitate we can generally get a really good deal for you.

How long will it take to armour my vehicle?

Our delivery times currently average at around 20 working days for a B4 build and 55 working days for a B6 build once we commence work on the vehicle. We keep armour components for most of the popular luxury vehicles in stock. Should we need to order components for a vehicle we do not normally armour, you should allow for an eight week lead time before commencement of armouring.

How far will run flat tires carry me if they are shot out?

Run-flat tires will carry you safely for 80 kilometres, more than enough distance to get you to safety or to the nearest repair facility.

Am I able to finance and insure a vehicle with armouring?

Yes, we have agreements from most of the major banks for financing the Armormax product.

Why were armouring standards developed?

Over time, various governments and their agencies have evolved standards which must be met in their own purchases for military and law enforcement agencies. In the USA for instance, the standards were developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a procurement arm of the US government. In Europe the European Union developed their own standard called CEN, which is the B-Level standard. Other countries too have developed their own standards. But armour is armour, no one standard is any more rigorous or demanding than another, standards basically just aid agencies in their buying decisions.