“In these turbulent times your safety and that of your family is paramount, so with that in mind we have compiled some general safety tips for you.”


Make sure your home security is up to standard. Think of security as an onion ring with layers. If there is a breach in your security you need to be alerted by the outer layer, not the innermost one. Time gives you options in this scenario, time for your security provider to react, time for you and your family to move to a safe area in your home. Yes, think through this point… If an alarm is triggered, where is the safest place in your home to hide and if necessary, barricade yourself away? Have a plan in place that every member of your family knows.

This outer layer is generally an electric fence, sensors and beams. Test them and make sure they are working. (No, don’t touch your electric fence! Security providers have been designated essential services and if you suspect your fence or alarm is not working, call them.)

Make sure all your doors and points of entry can be securely locked. If you use an internal alarm system remember that when it activates (and you may be in a deep sleep when it does) you have very little time to react.

Criminals look for easy targets, make sure your house security looks intimidating. Good security lights, CCTV cameras, beams, electric fencing and of course man’s best friend, a dog are all security solutions that may be enough to make a criminal decide that you are not worth the risk.