There are levels of risk that necessitate a higher level of protection. Our level B6 conversions are ideally suited for threats from the calibers fired from assault rifles commonly found around the world. A B6 build is a complex conversion and takes around 55 days to complete.

Our use of lightweight synthetic armour, in combination with the most advanced ballistic steel results in an added weight around a third that of our competitors. This means longer service intervals than are normally needed for an armoured vehicle of this ballistic level, longer vehicle life, and a superior driving experience. Our attention to cosmetic detail is another defining aspect of our conversions.

Given the added weight and increase in asset value of a B6 conversion, it is best suited to large SUV’s and sedans. From a pure security aspect our recommendation is to choose a SUV over a sedan. This is due to the higher seating position of the occupants, which results in a tactical advantage (In attacking an SUV, assailants are shooting horizontally or higher, whereas in a sedan they are looking down at you with the resultant increase in vulnerability).

A large SUV is also able to smash through and past blocking vehicles and obstacles, as well as drive over pavements in order to evade the attack. A sedan can be severely compromised in this situation.


Decide on the vehicle you want armoured and the threat level you want us to stop. 


We will then call you back to discuss your armouring package and specific needs. Let us give you a free quote and take care of the whole process from manufacturing to option purchasing to shipping.


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