May Newsletter

To our valued clients and friends,

We have lots of news to share with you this month. First of which is the recent update we have made to our website to make browsing and searching for information much easier. Please log on when you have a minute and enjoy the new content that’s been added.

We are often asked, what makes Armormax different? Or even more so, what makes us better than other armouring companies? We are very upfront and open about the fact that we are the most expensive option, so it’s natural to wonder where your money goes. Without the benefit of walking you through our factory and showing you what the Armormax difference is, the only thing we can do is provide you with some facts to think about.

Many of our best clients were not always our clients- they started out at the competition. It has so often happened that there has either been a major issue that required our help that the competition could not resolve, or they were disappointed in the product they had invested in. Notably, those clients haven’t gone back.

Premium manufacturers such as Porsche, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Nissan and more would not give us their approval if we were not doing what we do better than anyone else does. We know of some instances where certain competitors sought their approval and failed. No other armourer in South Africa can boast that they have the approval of so many manufacturers, and in the premium segment to boot.

We have not lost one life in one of our vehicles. This despite the instances where our armour was tested far beyond the certification standards, it stood up to the test to save lives as it is supposed to do.

Our technical expertise is unsurpassed. In our industry, we have earned the reputation of being the vehicle armouring university. This expertise is a result of a constant dedication to improve in everything we do, to stay ahead of the trends and always ensure we use the best components available, regardless of their cost. This expertise also translates to an unmatched aftersales service which we have extended far beyond just vehicle armouring.

The reason all of this is important is because the end product needs to meet certain criteria which rules all that we do, because we understand fundamentally what is important to our discerning clients. First and foremost, it has to keep you safe. Ballistic integrity and performance remains the priority. That can represent a cosmetic and dynamic compromise which our competition are happy to live with- we are not. Our second priority is the armour must be as unobtrusive as possible. We want you to know it’s there, but we don’t want you to see or feel that it’s there. Lastly we want to ensure that both the armouring components and the vehicle can withstand daily use the same way a standard car would. That means it will be as good in 10 years time as it is when new. That’s the reason we have a 3 year warranty on the workmanship and components, and the same reason we are happy to buy back our vehicles that were armoured 15 years ago or more. That, is a testament to what real quality truly is.

So please do come and visit us, we want you to experience the Armormax difference first-hand. You will then understand, as so many do already, that you get what you pay for.

We also invite you to get involved in our social media by liking our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. These can all be found by searching for Armormax South Africa.

At the last minute, we were offered a stand at HuntEx 2022 which was held at Gallagher Estate over 3 days. We took full advantage with an indoor display, our TAC6 special project vehicle at the entrance and a co-op with Dee’s Bunker- a pop-up shooting range allowing show visitors to try out various Glock firearms. The show was a great success for us with many visitors taking great interest in what we do. We will definitely be back!

Life happens, and sometimes we just can’t avoid incidents where our vehicles get damaged. In the case of an Armormax vehicle being damaged in an accident, we are saddened to see that many repairers just don’t value the intricacy of our vehicle armour which can result in a repair that is no longer safe for you. We are able to undertake most small repairs ourselves and can work with your insurance company where applicable. Even if your insurance company insists on a repairer on their panel, we ask that you insist that the vehicle be assessed by us first to make sure that it will be repaired properly and ensure that there are no armouring components that need replacement or repair. We would also highly recommend that once repairs have been effected, the vehicle comes to us for a final inspection to ensure it is still as safe as an Armormax vehicle should be.

We have continued to source more Pre-Owned Armormax vehicles for sale. These vehicles go through a stringent quality check and refurbishment process with us to ensure they match our exacting standards. Please browse our website to see the latest stock, or contact if there is a particular vehicle you are looking for that he can source for you.

We currently have a trio of Mercedes Benz V Class models in production, with more waiting for their production dates. Since the approval of Armormax as a Mercedes Benz Approved Van Partner, our clients have taken advantage of the peace of mind a manufacturer backed armouring program affords. We have found that these vehicles armour particularly well, with minimal to zero effect on their operation and dynamic abilities. If you have a V Class you would like armoured, or are considering this as an option, please get in touch with us soonest.

We have received a new shipment of B6 armouring components for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series and still have some of them available. This is a magnificent SUV that surpasses all expectations and is only made more appealing with the best vehicle armour available in South Africa. We are so confident in this vehicle that we have secured one for ourselves to build as a B6 demo unit.

The reveal of the all-new, third generation Range Rover Sport took place this week. This new model promises to set new benchmarks in its segment for modern design and finishes and sporting dynamics both on and off-road. Armormax have secured two launch units with the new 390 kW, 4.4 litre Twin Turbo V8 to build in both B4 and B6 guise. If you would like to reserve one of these vehicles, please contact or

Armormax is proud to present a brand-new project that adds a new dimension to multi-role tactical mobility in non-permissive environments. Configurable in both armoured and soft-skin variants, this versatile vehicle is geared for special forces operations or commercial applications in the toughest of terrains. The vehicle and its many configuration possibilities is suitable for military, agriculture, mining, forestry and leisure applications.

The cab can be configured as standard soft-skin, Lightweight Armoured to B6, or open roll-bar caged. In the roll-bar configuration, a modular easy-on/easy-off armour kit can be included along with fold-down, segmented frontal ballistic screens allowing the use of pintle-mounted LMG’s. This vehicle has been over-engineered and rigorously tested to ensure it offers unrivalled capabilities while remaining as easy to use as the standard Land Cruiser. For pricing and ordering enquiries, please contact