October Newsletter

To our valued clients and friends,

The year is rapidly drawing to a close again, and before we know it the Festive Season will be on our doorstep. We want to remind you that Armormax is closed over the Festive Season and hence we cannot do any vehicle maintenance during that period. If your vehicle requires any maintenance before the break or before you go away, please book it in with us soonest so you can enjoy this period with peace of mind. Note that we are very busy this time of year, so a booking MUST be made in advance.

If you are looking to sell your armoured car for any reason, please remember to get in touch with us first. We are happy to take vehicles on consignment and market them for you to the widest database of armoured vehicle consumers. For more information or questions, please contact Michael at the office.

There is an old adage that sales happen only when you are in the right place at the right time. One of our early mentors in sales taught us that being in 1000 places at the same time will find you the right place more often. So, our Discovery has been sent off to have some graffiti added for the 120 km round trip it does every day in Joburg. If you see us on the road, take a pic and upload it to Facebook or Instagram using the tag #savinglives and tag Armormax South Africa. This will put you into a draw for an enhanced test drive experience with Jaguar Land Rover at their Experience Centre.

While on the subject of our social media, have you seen our YouTube Channel? Our master videographer Aidan Jordaan has put together some excellent material for us over the years which keep getting hits and views all the time. Search for Armormax on YouTube, like the videos and subscribe to the channel to see our latest content. Look out for a very special video coming soon…

Earlier this month we spent some time with a few of our Cape Town clients and friends. Sadly, the crime wave continues unabated although the media mentions very little of what really goes on. Perhaps in an effort to protect the region’s reputation as the best place to live in SA? The truth is crime isn’t restricted to a region, it will seek out opportunity and it is pretty obvious that the Cape offers that up. Two days into our stay a video made headlines about a young woman from Ukraine that was kidnapped in Cape Town.

This is nothing new unfortunately and certain communities and business regions are being targeted daily. Thankfully she has returned home and is OK, but a thorough review of security protocols is already underway which includes the use of an armoured vehicle. So again, we appeal to our friends, before it is too late, rather protect yourself by improving your security and getting your vehicle armoured by Armormax. 

A new hijacking trend that has emerged is to target vehicle owners at restaurant drive through’s (read this article from Car Magazine) Like we said earlier, crime seeks out opportunity and vulnerability creates opportunity. So, what can you do to stay safe, at the drive through and elsewhere?

Security is divided into two segments, mobile and stationary. There is generally very little security risk whilst you are driving, the risk however escalates when you are stationary, or drawing / being forced to stop. A criminal has the luxury of choosing the time, place and method of attack. When this attack happens all you can do is react. This is where situational awareness is crucial, because the sooner you recognize the attack is happening the more distance and vital time you have to react. Distance buys you time. Time buys you options.

Always make sure that you can see the bottom of the tyres of the vehicle in front of you, and if possible on a multi lane road, try and not get sandwiched up against the barrier or steep pavement. This will assist in giving you the space and time you need to escape.

Stay off your cell phone and pay attention to what’s going on around you! There are no better targets for criminals than drivers of vehicles looking down at their mobile devices, totally unaware of their surroundings and any potential threats.

Arriving home is a prime area where risk skyrockets. Be on the lookout for the absence of the normal and the presence of the abnormal. Deviations from the norm should cause alarm bells to go off in your head. Dogs not at the gate, strange vehicle parked nearby etc. Whilst you are stationary, waiting for your gate to open you are an easy target. Make sure your situational awareness is fully active during this period. Try not pull into your driveway as you can be easily blocked in, rather pull to the side of the road and wait for your gate to open before driving in. Stop and close the gate immediately. Do not exit the vehicle until you are certain that no one has slipped in behind you. The same procedure applies when arriving at your place of work.

The key to security in a vehicle is to become mobile as quickly as possible. As your window is about to break in a “Smash and Grab” or you see hijackers jumping out of their vehicle, the key is to get out of danger as quickly as possible. Vehicle damage can be easily fixed, people not so much… If you have to ram your way through a blocking vehicle or ramp over pavements to escape, do it!

Be very aware of security risks at service stations. When you are sitting in your vehicle filling up, keep the window closed until you need to communicate with the attendant, and make sure your doors are locked.

It is in critical situations like these where an Armormax vehicle becomes worth its weight in gold! Safe and secure inside your vehicle, the armour will buy you those critical seconds you need to become mobile and escape. We have saved an astounding number of lives in South Africa and around the world in attacks on occupants of vehicles we have armoured.

Stay safe