2022 Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupe B4

R 2,999,990.00

9 000 kms

B4 Armormax

R2 999 990

Availability: Immediate


40, V8 Turbo

338 kW / 620 Nm


Additional Options:

Glass Roof


Carplay/Android Auto

Bose Sound System

Keyless Access

360 Degree Camera

Electric Seats

Exterior comms system


More info:


One owner vehicle

Glass: Optima

Current Armouring Value: R908 000

  • Level B6 covers the most commonly used military calibre’s. These are used in rifles like the AK 47 ( 7.62X39mm). R4,R5, AR15,M4 ( 5.56X45mm). R1,FN,G3, HK91(7.62x51mm).
  • Level B4 covers all the handgun calibre’s likely to be encountered in general crime and hijacking scenarios. Handguns are commonly used due to the ease with which they can be concealed.The above pricing does not include licencing, registration or administration costs. Please contact Michael Broom for more information, to reserve a viewing or to apply for finance. Trade-ins are welcome and we can deliver countrywide.