SEPTEMBER Newsletter

First off we have to congratulate the Bokke on their amazing 4th Rugby World Cup win! More so, we personally want to congratulate South Africans for once again showing we are capable of being united. The mass support from all corners was humbling and inspiring.

We don’t always like talking about crime stats, but it’s hard to ignore them when seemingly things are just not getting better. The truth behind this though is that the crime stats do not really reflect the real picture- the real picture is far worse. Consider how South Africans are continually investing more and more in their personal security. Not just with an armoured vehicle but in all areas that they can. There are now more security companies, secure estates, CCTV cameras, personal protection officers and yes, more armoured cars on the road than ever before.

South Africans are also becoming more alert and aware and making better choices regarding their movements and public activities. Logically then you can deduce that if crime is in a sense becoming more difficult to commit, and it is still increasing all the time, the fact that we are seeing any increase at all in reported crimes is frightening. We know too that many crimes are unreported, particularly in the case of kidnappings where victim’s families are threatened for any police involvement. Sadly, so long as unemployment and poverty are as desperately bad as they are now, more people will turn to crime often just to survive and feed families. The point is, the problem is not going away anytime soon, at least not for another generation.

For almost 20 years, Armormax has been helping South Africans face this reality and adapt their priorities to live a safe, unrestricted life in a country that still has so much to offer, and we will continue to do so. Our ethos of zero compromise on ballistic quality and integrity is unchanged and unwavering, even in a market where cheaper alternatives that cannot claim to be of the same standard are garnering more public attention.

We are however thrilled that the narrative of keeping yourself safe on South African roads with an armoured vehicle is gaining so much momentum and attention- it’s an important message that is finally reaching all corners of South Africa. Our particular message remains clear: if you are considering armouring your vehicle, or purchasing an already armoured vehicle, do your homework. Book a consultation with us at our facility and find out what makes our armouring package the absolute best there is available in South Africa. It is your life we are protecting, and we want you to be as confident as we are in our vehicles, never doubting that absolute safety and peace of mind will always be a greater priority than cutting corners to save money.  

Production at Armormax has been steadily ticking along with an order list that now extends to February 2024. This year has been an important one as we developed more armouring packages for new models than we ever have in one year. What we have learnt more than anything this year is that luxury cars are becoming far more complicated, particularly with the growing number of hybrid and EV options that have made their way into our workshop. This is where our OEM relationships are absolutely crucial, and we are grateful for their support, technical input and acknowledgment of our solution as the best available. As we speak, senior members of our team are undergoing further product training with one of our major OEMs to ensure we are always at the cutting edge of vehicle technology. This translates into bespoke craftmanship and workmanship that is unmatched in our industry.

Wiggle Car Hire in Cape Town have sent us their Land Rover Defender 110 for armouring to a B4 level. Once complete, their clients and any travellers to Cape Town will be able to rent this beauty on a daily basis or as needed. Since 2010, Wiggle Car Hire have been the go to guys to make your Cape Town stay the most thrilling and unforgettable experience possible. Whether you’re coming for a business stopover or an extended family holiday, their eclectic fleet of convertibles, luxury sports cars, executive SUVs, Supercars and 4×4’s ensures we will have the perfect ride for you. And now you have the option of complete safety and peace of mind.
Visit for more info or contact them on

As part of our day-to-day routine, we often deal with clients that have suddenly found themselves at a specific risk to a threat that requires one of our vehicles. When that risk is immediate, it means that they cannot wait for a vehicle to be built or a production slot to open, and need a vehicle sometimes even on the same day. Our largest dealer client, MMI Armoured Cars, has a wide selection of vehicles that we have built for them available off the floor immediately. They also stock pre-owned armoured cars that have been traded in or sold, but rest assured these vehicles have all come to us for a stringent quality check to ensure that our armour and systems are in perfect working order. Take a look at some of the examples above and click here for a link to more info. These vehicles can be bought through Armormax directly.

Stay safe