September Newsletter

To our valued clients and friends,

We kick off this month with an exciting offer! We have cut pricing on all our vehicle stock to wholesale levels in order to put greater focus on a new project of ours- the TAC6. All of these vehicles have been through our stringent quality control process and carry an extended Armormax warranty. If you are in immediate need of a vehicle, we do have some stunning options available below:

Armormax Defence has the sole and exclusive rights to market and produce a version of the Commander 6×6 Land Cruiser which we have dubbed the TAC6. Production on the first unit to our carefully considered specification is underway, including the addition of an automatic gearbox for ease of use and lower maintenance costs.

In its military configuration this unit is designed at its core to be highly mobile, lightly armoured and heavily armed. This places it in a gap between MRAP’s (Mine Resistant Armored Personnel carriers) and normal civilian spec pickups. It is a cost effective ultra-reliable platform, able to be produced rapidly. The base TAC6 was designed as a modular unit, able to switch between offensive roles with a full weapons load, logistics vehicle able to carry standard military pallets, medical unit, support vehicle or command and control vehicle. Two of these units will fit in a C130 Transport Aircraft.

Between heavy duty commercial trucks, and normal pickups (bakkies) lies an untapped segment into which the TAC6 fits perfectly. With a 7 Ton GVM this unit is able to traverse the harshest terrain, carrying substantial loads. Mining in Africa tends to be in areas not always serviced by well-maintained roads. As an example, operations in the DRC are often suspended during the rainy season. It is in these non-permissive environments that the TAC6 thrives. Equally, the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup is synonymous with farming in SA. The TAC6 brings a new dimension to this field, expanding upon and extending the capabilities of the standard Land Cruiser. The modular ability provides the farmer the ability to configure the unit to suit his needs for a multitude of tasks.

Our intention is to launch the TAC6 at the Africa Mining Indaba in Cape Town in February 2023.

Armormax and Waterfall Arms & Outdoor recently held an exhibition and ballistic demonstration at the Polofields Crossing shopping centre for their clients. Waterfall Arms were great hosts and allowed us the use of their underground 100m shooting range for our demonstrations. As always happens, our guests were blown away by the power of the weapons used in most crimes, and the amazing ability of our ballistic solutions to defeat them.

Click here to view a short video of what went down.

Over the last few weeks, we have become aware of some that choose to use the Armormax name illegally, and as a claim to a quality standard that simply has not been matched. There are armourers that are now in business that claim to be ‘as good as Armormax, but cheaper’ and some that claim to use the same materials and processes that we do. Now ‘as good as Armormax’ may be flattering to our ego that we are still seen as the gold standard in our industry, but in truth the fake will never be as good as the original. Like with fashion items for example. The knock off will look, possibly smell and perhaps even slightly feel like the real thing, but we all know very well that in time, and where it counts, the fake will reveal its secrets of why it is so cheap.

True quality and excellence cannot be forged or imitated. It is either the best quality or it isn’t. It will last or it won’t. It will save your life or you will perish, full stop. So, if you come across any entity that claims to be as good as, or using our products, check with us first. If it’s not from Armormax, it’s not the best that you can get, and our own industry has acknowledged that.

We believe in the narrative of secure your home, secure your car and you have solved 95% of the risk that exists in South Africa today. So we have included some basic tips as a refresh on how to keep yourself safe at home, especially during this period of widespread loadshedding.

Think of security as an onion ring with layers. If there is a breach in your security you need to be alerted by the outer layer, not the innermost one. Time gives you options in this scenario- time for your security provider to react, time for you and your family to move to a safe area in your home. Yes, think through this point… If an alarm is triggered, where is the safest place in your home to hide and if necessary, barricade yourself away? Have a plan in place that every member of your family knows.

This outer layer is generally an electric fence, sensors and beams. Test them and make sure they are working. (No, don’t touch your electric fence! Security providers have been designated essential services and if you suspect your fence or alarm is not working, call them.) Now more than ever having an inverter, UPS or solar power installed in your home is becoming critical, and this applies to your security too. Just simple solar lighting is already a deterrent to would-be intruders and there are many good options on the market.

Make sure all your doors and points of entry can be securely locked. If you use an internal alarm system remember that when it activates (and you may be in a deep sleep when it does) you have very little time to react.

Criminals look for easy targets, make sure your house security looks intimidating. Good security lights, CCTV cameras, beams, electric fencing and of course man’s best friend, a dog are all security solutions that may be enough to make a criminal decide that you are not worth the risk.

Stay safe