Taking the next step

If you have even remotely considered owning an armoured car, or are even curious, then it’s you that we are talking to. We understand better than anyone that you currently find yourself in a predicament. You are in a difficult place, caught between moving forward into a seemingly whole new lifestyle, or going back to what you know with your blinkers on. Where you are now though is neither of those, and it’s a very uncomfortable, perhaps even dangerous place to be.

So let’s talk about you for a bit and what makes you tick. You’re old enough to have acquired some serious wisdom, but still young enough to put that wisdom to use. You worked for what you have, harder than most would ever imagine, and because of that you understand the difference between the value and the cost of a thing, never confusing the two.

Family is of utmost importance to you, and you do everything you can to be a part of your family life even though you no doubt have your fair share of pressures and obligations to balance. Even though there may have to be some compromises made at times, you won’t compromise on providing for them as best as you possibly can. Equally, the safety and security of your family is of great concern to you, but you always wonder if you could do more.

Because of the alarming threats that surround us every day, we have had to adjust and often restrict our lifestyles and activities to make sure we are safe and avoid the obvious dangers. While justified, these restrictions on your freedom frustrate you. Regardless, you would rather choose this frustration than have the unthinkable happen to you or a loved one and have to live with that regret- who wouldn’t?

Ultimately, you will see these threats as something happening around you, and not to you. You don’t feel you are at risk because you take the precautions. And perhaps you think that an armoured vehicle, as one example, is a bit extreme. It’s too expensive, and you are not a crook or a high profile person so why would someone want to ‘take you out’? The truth is that you are considering only one type of threat, and life really isn’t like the movies…

There’s another part of you that’s wrestling with this idea. What if I do decide I want to go this route? We shouldn’t have to live this way, should we? We said that about electric fences 30 years ago too. What if the vehicle doesn’t feel the same to drive? If someone knows my family is in an armoured car, will they think I have something to hide or that I have done something wrong that they need protection? These fears are understandable, normal and they are only manifesting because you are entering the unknown. From experience, owners of armoured cars will tell you they had the same fears, and looking back realized there was no need for apprehension at all.

Perhaps you need to ask the right what if questions. What if we don’t actually need to emigrate and leave our lives, family and lifestyle’s behind? What if there is a solution that I can control, where I can make choices between so many options that I don’t feel like I am being told what to do? What if we can live unrestricted again, go anywhere and do anything we want, like we used to? What if I could stop worrying every time the family is on the road, pulling into the school, pulling out the driveway or leaving a shopping mall? What if we are involved in a violent crime, how do we react? What if it isn’t actually expensive, but just worth it?