Your safety and that of your family is paramount!

South Africa is a great country with fantastic people, but we have a massive violent crime problem.

Our view is that as soon as the lockdown is over, we will see an added spike in our already horrific crime rate, and this unfortunately will not abate for some time. History, statistics and common sense tells us that in times of great social upheaval and massive unemployment, crime will naturally increase. When combined with a police service that is severely under resourced and facing operational challenges, the effect can be terrible.

When it comes to security, it’s vital that you acknowledge that you and only you are responsible for your self protection. You need to cultivate the skills and knowledge in order to proactively respond to security threats, and you need a plan on how to react in a given situation.

What can you as an individual or family do to mitigate your security risk in these times? There are three primary areas you need to consider:

1.Home: General security.
2.Travelling: When driving. When stationary. Leaving and arriving from home and work.
3.Leisure: Shops, restaurants and crowds.