April Newsletter

To our valued clients and friends,

We are massively excited to share so much product news with you! We have been working hard on many new projects and have expanded our product range significantly in the last 3 months. With the onslaught of new model launches in the last 18 months, particularly in brands we are renowned for, it was only a matter of time before we would get our hands on these new models to turn them into safer vehicles for their owners.

The first of these is our B4 and B6 armouring conversions for the highly popular Land Rover Defender, in both 110 and 130 guise. Our very own Defender B4 nicknamed ‘Pumba’ is just about ready to be viewed and experienced first-hand by our clients, before we release the details publicly. This particular vehicle will also be the star of the show in our dealer training efforts going forward. In the near future, the B4 Armoured Defender will also be available to experience at the Jaguar Land Rover Experience Centre on special request from potential customers.

The B6 version of the Defender will be completed mid-April at which point we will launch both vehicles publicly. The B6 Defender has a pretty neat party trick up its sleeve- watch this space.

The first all-new Range Rover will also be completed in the next month, which has been an interesting build in that so much has changed and progressed from the previous model. We have heard comments that the new Rangie is perhaps pricey, but having spent some time driving our own demo model and of course getting to know the vehicle intimately through the armouring process, make no mistake that the Range Rover is simply sublime, and nothing like you have ever experienced before! We expect it to be a massive sales success for Land Rover.

Finally in the Land Rover stable, we have started development of the all-new Range Rover Sport for both B4 and B6 conversion. Much like its ‘big body’ stablemate, the new car is a massive leap forward from the outgoing model. More so, the styling is just so appealing and attractive that it probably won’t be long before it dominates this segment. Again…

Note that in all three instances above, Armormax once again are producing the first armoured versions in South Africa of these magnificent vehicles. Considering we are the only armourer approved by Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, you really shouldn’t trust anyone else with your Land Rover anyway…

The next development project that we are tackling is not a common one for Armormax, but it is a vehicle befitting the best vehicle armouring available in South Africa. Driving the new Ford Ranger Raptor is an experience that leaves an indelible mark on you. Ford have brought a nuke to the SA bakkie war and pretty much obliterated anything else out there. Is a performance bakkie a misnomer though? Absolutely not, when you consider the South African love of bakkies and performance machinery, why not offer something that combines both? Naturally this means that we are able to armour all the derivatives in the new Ford Ranger range.

We have been armouring the Mercedes V Class for many years now, but only in B4 guise. A trusting client of ours was adamant that only a B6 would do, and challenged us to build two vehicles to our standard while maintaining full functionality of the vehicle’s features. We are happy to report we have done exactly that, and these two 7-seater luxury buses will be handed over to the owner in the next few weeks.

Lastly on the new product front, we will hopefully soon be making an announcement regarding a partnership with a new manufacturer to build armoured versions of their most popular SUV. The brand in question is not what would come to mind if you mentioned ‘premium SUV brand’, however their astonishingly good product has been punching way above its weight class and stealing sales from the well-known premium brands. This makes them an ideal candidate to offer the market a more affordable, yet still high-quality armoured vehicle off the showroom floor. Can you guess who it is?

The Armormax Defence TAC-6 project has been gaining massive ground over the past few months. Our demo unit has been built and has been doing a great job of helping us develop the modular add-ons that the platform offers for primarily a military and mining application. Next up in the process is the B6 armouring package which will feature a few surprises and some neat tricks. We haven’t made a very public noise about this ground-breaking vehicle just yet, however the response from those that have experienced the vehicle first-hand is rapturous applause. Just for you, our clients and friends though, click on the link below for a sneak-peak teaser of this beast….

Lastly we want to share an insight with you after a recent interaction with a new client. Having an armoured car goes a long way to keeping you safe in a situation where you are most vulnerable- on the road. It is a transitionary space where you cannot control the variables all the time so you need an unfaltering solution that offers maximum protection possible. At the same time however, you need to apply the same thinking to your personal security in all the environments you spend your time in. Having a CPO is great, but not when you leave him behind to go somewhere because you believe your risk is lower. If you have the security assets, use them at all times. There is no such thing as too secure or too safe, but if you leave the slightest chance to be exposed go by unchecked, you really are asking for trouble. Don’t let your guard down but put the measures in place that allow you to live unrestricted and with peace of mind, and then leave them there!

Stay safe