Armormax is recognised as one of the worlds leading armouring companies, integrating the most advanced ballistic solutions with the highest level of bespoke manufacturing, resulting in a vehicle that can stand side buy side with the best the world has to offer.



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Put your most precious things in the safest place – choose Armormax. We live in an incredible country with amazing people, but Violent crime and Hijacking is an ever-present risk. This is a risk we can help you manage.

Armormax is South Africa’s leading luxury vehicle armouring company. We blend the art of bespoke vehicle manufacturing and conversion with the science of high-tech ballistic materials. Our luxury bullet proof vehicles protect families, business leaders and presidents.

Armormax provides an impenetrable barrier between you, your family and would-be attackers. Utilising the latest in lightweight armouring technology, your luxury vehicle will be able to withstand the specified ballistic threat when protected with Armormax. In addition your car’s physical appearance and handling will be minimally affected.

In these turbulent times your safety and that of your family is paramount, so with that in mind we have provided a link to the COVID-19 South African Resource Portal. The portal contains information about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, plus statistics on its spread in SA and related government press releases.



Quality comes at a price, and at Armormax we will always strive to use the best and lightest armouring components sourced from around the world, irrespective of cost. It takes us around 1800 man hours to build one of our level B6 vehicles. When deciding on purchasing or having a vehicle armoured do your research. Meet with us and let’s discuss your requirements in depth. Our discerning customers understand the intrinsic value of our product, and the fact that it is not a sunk cost, but an increase in net asset value of the vehicle which can be realised in part when the day comes in a few years that you decide to upgrade your vehicle.

#3 General Safety Tip – LEISURE

"In these turbulent times your safety and that of your family is paramount, so with that in mind we have compiled some general safety tips for you." LEISURE Large crowded shopping centers are a favorite for criminals. Where better to spot a target wearing luxury items...



Armormax has been recognised as the leading luxury vehicle armouring company by some of SA’s most iconic motoring brands. Many have shown their confidence in us by retaining the service plans and warranties after our conversion takes place. Our senior technical team works hand in hand with teams from these brands, ensuring continuity of excellent service. Our three year warranty on all components and work, coupled with an unrelenting drive for service excellence sets us apart in our industry.