August Newsletter

To our valued clients and friends,

While you may have not seen our name pop up in your inbox for a few months, don’t let that fool you into believing things have been quiet at Armormax. Quite the opposite is true in fact. Thank you for taking the 3 minutes or so to read our newsletters, we appreciate that your time is valuable. So without further adieu, this is what we have been up to.

While this is not everything we have in production currently, this does give you a nice snapshot of the variety of vehicles and brands that we armour. There are some brands not featured here that are also a regular sight in the workshop such as Jaguar, Porsche, Lexus and Audi. The point being, we can armour just about anything, and if we haven’t built a specific car before we are able to develop an armouring package from scratch. 

Our Defender Roadshow with Pumba, our B4 armoured Land Rover Defender, was a massive success. We drove around the country visiting every JLR dealer to educate and train them on our product, and take in some of South Africa’s treasures along the way. We also proved irrefutably that an Armormax vehicle can handle anything you throw at it. Here is a short video highlight of the trip.

Click here to watch the video

Shortly after our return, Pumba was asked to get involved with a cause close to our hearts. Ferris Cars in Broadacres invited us to their annual Supercar Milk Run in aid of Rhino Connect, who are an NPO responsible for the feeding of orphaned Rhino’s across South Africa. Donations of milk and money were bountiful, as were the array of flashy steeds and their enthusiastic owners. The need for this type of initiative is alarmingly high when you find out that a baby rhino can consume 48 litres of milk in one day, and there are roughly 2000 orphaned Rhino’s the organisation cares for.

Armormax will introduce a new pricing structure from 1 September 2023. As much as we try to keep our pricing as consistent as possible, exchange rate and fiscal pressures ultimately result in increases which we cannot escape. Our pricing matrix is now far more model specific and relative to specific material costs and labour times for the different types of cars we build. Note that all orders received with deposits by 25 August 2023 will remain at the current pricing. For quotes on vehicle armour packages, please contact Michael or James on 011 462 6079.

We are thrilled to finally pull the wraps off our armoured new generation Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. In both B4 and B6 guise we can comfortably say we have a product that is unmatched by anything else on the market, while none of the luxury and typical dynamic nature of the Range Rover has been lost. Discretion is equally key with these types of vehicles and we have worked hard to ensure one cannot tell them apart from an unarmoured version. In fact, in the B4 Range Rover Sport, you wouldn’t even notice anything different from inside the vehicle either.

Click here to view the video

They say that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Then what is it called when someone says they are something they are not? Fraud comes to mind, and unfortunately we are constantly alerted of frauds operating in our industry. More recently, a company that goes by the name Pentagon operating out of KZN is claiming to be a division of Armormax (Pty) Ltd, and purports to use our technology. They are absolutely not, and to be clear there is no other division of Armormax (Pty) Ltd or affiliate and there is no company that has our technical expertise or experience that can claim to do what we do the way we do it. We have proven this point time and again, and unfortunately some potential customers who have gone elsewhere have learnt this lesson the hard, expensive way. Again we urge that if you are considering armouring your vehicle, book a private one on one consultation with us and find out why you are safest with us.

Stay safe