January Newsletter

To our valued clients and friends,

Welcome back! Is it just me or does the festive season break seem to get shorter every year? It feels like just yesterday we were winding down to close- all but a faint memory now. That’s good for us because we have a bumper year planned and the team is full of energy and determination to make it our best year yet!

Paramount to our success at Armormax is constant development and innovation. That has become a way of life for us, not just a mission statement. We are constantly evaluating everything we do, to improve our already high level of quality and offer an even wider range of solutions to our clients. As an example, we are currently busy with a B6 conversion to the Mercedes V Class and the Land Rover Defender, where in both cases full use of all 7 seats is not compromised. This was not previously possible.

We will continue to work closely with our OEM approved brands and make a greater effort to educate their respective dealer channels on our armouring solution. We are also pursuing new OEM relationships with brands that have shown significant growth in the South African market. Enquiries for armoured vehicles at a dealer retail level are increasing exponentially and it is our mission this year to ensure that staff are equipped and knowledgeable to handle these enquiries. If your dealership would be interested in securing training time with us, please contact Michael Broom at the details provided at the end of the newsletter.

At the end of March, we will pull the wraps off Armormax Defence’s TAC 6 project- a versatile and unrivalled solution for the military, mining and agricultural sectors. We have enlisted key partners in this project that will complement the product offering while keeping it a 100% South African made turnkey solution. Watch this space…

Auto Trader invited us to join them for an exclusive podcast in December to shed some light on armoured cars in South Africa, and to share some insights on the Armormax solution. The star of the show though was undoubtedly the Jaguar I-Pace we had in the studio- a world first for South Africa, Jaguar and Armormax.

Watch the podcast here

We really don’t like repeatedly banging this drum, but we unfortunately must face the reality of the situation our country is in. Things are not getting better but the silver lining in the dark cloud is that South Africans are getting better at responding and dealing with the threats we face every day. I have said for years that South Africans are the most resilient people on the planet and that is still true. Just like our business provides a solution to a growing problem that allows us to live our lives unrestricted, so too are communities and forums gathering strength in numbers to combat our crime problem.

On the vehicle armouring front in particular, the demand is growing rapidly as more people are used to the idea than ever before and it is becoming far more commonplace on our roads. The Daily Maverick has just published an excellent article on the trends in SA and globally which is worthy of your time to read or listen to it.

Click here for The Daily Maverick article

Introducing the worlds first armoured Golf 8 GTI! We are very proud of the final product that Armormax was solely responsible for developing for one of our bigger dealer clients. We built 8 examples of the Golf 7 in B4 trim previously with great success, so it only made sense to continue with the new model. It may seem strange to armour a Golf, but they are incredibly popular as fast tactical response vehicles, convoy chase vehicles and for principal extraction. This is the first of two units- the second is scheduled to come of the production line at the end of January.

It’s not just Sebastian Vettel who has an affinity for naming his cars, we love the idea too! Remember Mufasa, our demo Land Cruiser 300 from last year? We once again asked our social media followers to pick a name for our demo Land Rover Defender that has just started its development process. Fittingly, Pumba was the chosen name submitted by a great friend of Armormax, Bradley Ainge. We will keep updates going on Pumba’s progress on our social media pages, so don’t forget to follow us!

Stay safe