November Newsletter

To our valued clients and friends,

That’s 2022 pretty much done and dusted, and what a year it has been for us! Aside from us being able to increase our production capacity, we made great strides in our production efficiency and product quality. As you have no doubt seen, our marketing efforts have been ramped up significantly and we are starting to see the returns. We were also awarded our ISO 9001 certification this year. But more so, and most importantly to us, we have saved so many more lives this year. So thank you to our customers that have trusted us, literally with their life. It is a great blessing for us to be able to do such rewarding work for some amazing people. Just a reminder, we will be closed over the festive season but back in full swing on 3 January 2023.

Armormax, the company renowned for building luxury armoured vehicles, recently handed over an armoured version of the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace to its owner. This is the first Jaguar I-Pace to be armoured globally, as well as the first all-electric luxury passenger vehicle to be armoured in South Africa.

Managing Director of Armormax, Grant Anderson says “This project presented a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and expand our capabilities. We immediately involved the technical team at Jaguar Land Rover South Africa to assist and they were fantastic in helping us understand the intricacies of this electric vehicle. We are proud to say we built this car to our high standard despite the challenges and left the base vehicle very much unchanged”.

View the video we made to celebrate this achievement by clicking here

We are now able to build B6 Land Rover Defenders. There has been a great demand for the Defender to be armoured in South Africa and we are pleased to say that the B6 conversion is ready for installation. We are developing a B4 version early next year and have recently secured our own Defender to use for the prototype. If you are interested in ordering either a B4 or B6 conversion for your Defender, please reply to this newsletter.

While in the Land Rover stable, we have secured our first all-new Range Rover Vogue for B6 production. The vehicle we have bought is a Santorini Black 4.4 V8 Twin Turbo First Edition. We expect the vehicle to arrive in February 2023 and be completed by April 2023. For further information on this vehicle, or B6 armour for a new Range Rover, please get in touch with us.

Another life saved! A client of ours was attacked this month on a Sunday evening in Midrand. The motive for the attack appeared to be a hijacking with a common modus operandi of blocking his vehicle in from the front and back. The hijackers motioned the owner to get out of the vehicle, which he ignored. As he started to speed away, shots were fired from the left and right side of the vehicle, making several impacts but no penetration. When he came to show us the vehicle the following Monday morning, our entire staff complement were visibly proud and elated to see the work they had done was responsible for saving a person’s life.

Large crowded shopping centres are a favourite for criminals. Where better to spot a target wearing luxury items and surreptitiously follow them to their vehicle than this. When in the parking area approaching your vehicle, keep a lookout for potential threats. Don’t take your time unpacking and entering your vehicle. Drive off as soon as possible. Keep a lookout for vehicles that may be following you. You don’t have to be paranoid, but a good sense of what’s going on around you can make the difference. If that car that you noticed when you left the shopping centre is still in sight when you arrive home, the alarm bells should be ringing.

Equally dangerous situations emerge while we are on holiday. Because this is our time to relax and unwind, far too often we are soft targets for criminals. Crime doesn’t take a holiday and neither should common sense. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and follow the tips we have given before in previous newsletters. And if you are going to the beach, don’t take your valuables with you and don’t flash expensive jewellery and watches.

We wish all of you a safe, pleasant and peaceful festive season.

Stay safe